Localtalks is a series of quarterly after-work events that bring together people who are interested in, and passionate about, green design, architecture and construction in East Africa. The aim of these sessions, and the podcast, is to create an open forum for the exchange of ideas, honest debate and knowledge sharing. For more information, subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are interested in contributing to Localtalks, as a speaker or volunteer, please email sarah@localworks.ug. Let us know about your area of expertise. We shall get in touch with you and discuss further.

Upcoming Talk

Localtalks 03.20 - Topic coming soon

Our next talk will take place on 16th December, 2020 from 6-8pm. The event’s theme will be shared soon.

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Previous Talks

Localtalks 02.20 - 'Planning a Green Future: The Physical Development Plans for Kampala and Uganda' with Prof. Yigal Tzamir

On 16th September, 2020, Prof. Yigal Tzamir, one of the main authors of the Kampala Physical Development Plan as well as the National Physical Development Plan for Uganda introduced the plans and also talked about progress made so far in their implementation. A panel of experts that included Dr. Richard Irumba (KCCA) and Mr. Silas Anguzu (Urban Planner) led an open discussion about the plans and their future.

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Due to the requirements of social distancing the event was held as a Zoom webinar.

Localtalks 01.20 - 'Building With Earthbags' with Felix Holland and Edson Agume

Our first event, themed 'Building with Earthbags', was held as a webinar on Wednesday 17th June, 2020. The event was presented from Mustardseed Junior School in Sentema. This kindergarten and primary school, designed and built by Localworks, is currently under construction using the earthbag technology as well as a series of other inventive eco-friendly materials and appropriate technologies.

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Buildings made of earthbags, a technology originally invented by the military for flood control and bunkers and later widely adopted by American hippies building ‘earthships’ in the desert, represent an interesting way of using non-stabilised earth without having to face the challenges of formwork and of relying on a relatively simple form of manual labour. Using material excavated on site, mixed with sand, filled and compacted into woven polypropylene bags made in Uganda and tied together using barbed wire, this technology represents a particularly local and green type of building – a suitable showcase for what Localtalks is all about. The two presenters, Felix Holland (Architect) and Edson Agume (Structural Engineer), presented the design and construction technology in detail, both on drawings and on site, and openly shared their experiences whilst using this technology – challenges and successes.