Nile Safari Lodge

Nile Safari Lodge

The completely reconstructed Nile Safari Lodge, one of Uganda's well-established lodges, is proposed as a high-end facility exceeding all standards currently provided in and around Murchison Falls National Park. This implies a small number of large units which are being developed to the highest standards of materials, workmanship and comfort.

The proposed architectural language plays with eucalyptus poles and grass thatch as the dominant materials. All cottages are built on stilts, both in order to deal with the steep slopes and to create spectacular views of the River Nile from cantilevering decks. A steep roof geometry with tent-like structures 'peeping' through the trees blends the buildings organically into the surrounding.

The main building has been broken down into four 'A-frame' structures which are entirely open and 'float' above curved and stepped terraces, merging inside and outside. Lastly, a spectacular infinity pool, 23m long and partially covered by a grass roof, overlooks river and park.


Murchison Falls National Park



Service provided


Architectural team

Felix Holland with Philip Matovu, Oriol Reventós and Juliana Achi, Morgane Charron and Sarah K Ndagire

Other Consultants

Aquila Gallery (Structural Engineers), Equatorsun (MEP Engineers), Dudley Kasibante and Partners (QS & Project Managers)


ARS Construction, KAL Engineering


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Gross floor area


Cost per Sqm

$725 (excl. VAT)

Project status


Completion date

June 2019

Nile Safari Lodge