Namabaale & Busibo Teacher Villages

Namabaale & Busibo Teacher Villages

The teacher villages in Namabaale and Busibo are the first two completed projects of Localworks’ new ‘EcoPrefab’ range. A total of 52 housing units were constructed, in a combination of ‘junior’ (one-bedroom) and ‘senior’ (two-bedroom) types.

EcoPrefab is designed in response to two distinct problems; (1) Uganda lacks an estimated 25,000 classrooms which requires an affordable and scalable system of construction; and (2), as a signatory to the Paris Agreement, the country has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 24.7% by 2030, asking for, amongst others, less harmful ways of constructing public infrastructure.

Given the comparably simple typology of rural schools, and in light of how difficult it is to achieve consistent construction quality especially in remote locations, prefabrication in a controlled factory environment is ideally suited to produce large quantities of buildings to a guaranteed quality and within a short period of time. EcoPrefab offers the entire range of buildings typically required by rural primary day schools, from classroom and administration blocks to teacher accommodation, kitchen and toilets. All building components are prefabricated in Kampala and then erected and finished on site in a very short period of time.

The walls of the EcoPrefab buildings are made of a composite of light-weight steel frames and treated timber infill panels, finished with earth-pigmented lime plaster. The substructure is based on rubble stone foundations, capped with a reinforced concrete ground beam that extends out of the ground to form an upstand onto which the walls are fixed. Roofs are made of timber trusses and clad with metal roofsheets.

Due to the high proportion of regenerative materials – stone, sustainably harvested pine and eucalyptus, sawdust and lime – the carbon footprint of EcoPrefab schools is at least 75% reduced when compared to conventional construction method. Whilst the initial construction cost is higher, the buildings are cheaper over their design service life of 50 years due to their much-reduced operation and maintenance cost.

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Namabaale and Busibo, Lwengo, Uganda


Architecture, Civil/Structural and Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Turnkey Construction (EcoPrefab)


Allan Semakula, Ambrose Chekwech, Bruce Atweta, Deborah Tusiime, Edson Agume, Felix Holland, Geoffrey Addah, Guy Namanya, Juliana Achi, Kevin O'Hara, Moreen Katusiime, Oswald Mugisha, Peter Ssemakula Mukiibi, Philip Matovu, Philip Murungi, Sandra Mudondo


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October 2023 and February 2024

Namabaale & Busibo Teacher Villages