Quality Hill Boutique Mall

Quality Hill Boutique Mall

The 'Quality Hill' boutique mall located along Ggaba Road in Kampala has been in existence for many years and become famous for the ‘Quality Cuts’ butchery, ‘Le Chateau’ restaurant and ‘La Patisserie’ coffee shop. The mall had grown organically over the years without a formal masterplan in place; it was in acute need of an overall remodelling, streamlining circulation, improving visibility and modernising the general look.

The first phase of the redevelopment comprised of the creation of a central Piazza from where, gradually, all major functions of the development will be accessed. The Piazza was paved with a combination of cobble stones and terrazzo slabs and has a water feature at its core that helps improving the micro-climate for outdoor seating.

The second phase consisted of a complete remodelling and enlargement of both the 'Le Chateau' restaurant and the 'La Patisserie' coffee shop and the creation of the new 'Maison' deco shop pavilion. Pre-fabricated timber structures were added to the front of both grass-thatched structures. For the coffee shop they create a well-visible, elevated seating terrace; for the restaurant, they help enclosing a cosy garden space that has become the centre of a completely new dining experience. The tip of one of the five original hexagon-shaped grass thatch huts in the restaurant was cut off to create a little greened-up courtyard at the heart of the restaurant.


Kampala, Uganda


Sokoni Africa


Architecture, Interior Design, Structural Engineering


Edson Agume, Emma Mugisha, Felix Holland, Jeroen Van Roie, Juliana Achi, Marco Cestarolli, Sandra Mudondo


IMK Engineering (Fire Consultants), Sylsgarden (Landscape Designer)




December 2016

Quality Hill Boutique Mall